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2021 Parent Meeting

Thank you to all those who joined us for the 2021 Parents Meeting.

Below is a copy of the presentation for reference (click to view.)

We look forward to seeing all of the Big Walnut LAX players take the fields this spring!


by posted 01/21/2021
Get Ready for Spring!

Get ready for the Spring 2021 LAX season with these drills – great for new players to start learning the basics and a reminder to more experienced players to keep working on perfecting those fundamentals.


by posted 01/04/2021
2021 Spring Registration

Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 5th, when registration opens online for the 2021 Spring season.

Again this season, all players will receive a cloth pack to complete their team uniform on Game Days.

All players will be required to have an active US Lacrosse membership.

The Little Nut              Grades 1/2                  $100
The Nut                       Grades 3/4                  $195
The Big Nut                 Grades 5/6                  $195

Registration will be open from December 5th through January 10th.
A $50 late registration free will be in effect from January 11th through January 17th. No registrations will be accepted after January 17th.

“The Little Nut”         
Boys Grades 1/2 $100
Girls Grades 1/2 $100

Players will be introduced to the sport and build on the fundamentals, including basic lacrosse vocabulary and how to cradle, scoop, pass, catch, and shoot. New players are encouraged to join.

“The Nut”                   
Boys Grades 3/4 $195
Girls Grades 3/4 $195

Players will begin to transition to a more competitive game atmosphere. Basic fundamentals will be solidified, and practices will begin to focus more on the game experience and next-level LAX IQ. Players to begin to “see the field” and make game-play decisions on their own. New players are encouraged to join and will be able to learn from more experienced players.

“The Big Nut”            
Boys Grades 5/6 $195
Girls Grades 5/6 $195

These are the developmental years before competitive play at the middle school and high school level begin. Players at this level will be expected to have a solid foundation of basic skills that allow them to transition to offensive and defensive strategy. Players can expect to begin refining positional play. New players are encouraged to join and will be able to learn from more experienced players. 

Reach us at


by posted 12/01/2020
BWLA OSU Football Squares Fundraiser

SOLD OUT - Thank you to all that supported!

Welcome to the BWLA OSU Football Squares Fundraiser.

Deadline for purchase is October 22nd. 

The drawing for squares will be held on October 23rd.

If you choose to pay via Venmo/PayPal, look for an invitation from us.

If you choose to pay by check or cash, please be sure your payment is received by October 22nd. 

Checks or cash can be mail to:

Big Walnut Lacrosse Association

P.O. Box 857

Sunbury, OH 43074

Checks can be made payable to Big Walnut Lacrosse Association.


$50 per square (your square is good for 10 games)

How to Play: 

Prior to each Ohio State game, the number 0-9 will be placed in a hat and drawn to determine placing on the grid. Your square position will stay the same but the numbers will change each week depending on the drawing order. Winners are selected by the last number in the quarter scores during each game. For example, if the score at the end of the 1stquarter is Ohio State 14 and Indiana 10 then the box on the grid that intersects at number 4 for the Ohio State side and 0 for the Indiana side will be the winner for that quarter.

A photo of the Football Squares Grid with weekly number positions will be emailed to all players prior to each game. Winners will be notified the day following games and arrangements made for payments.


$50 for the end of each quarter winner (4 quarters each game, total of $200 in winnings each game). No payout will be given for overtime scores. 

We will play for the following 10 games:

10/24 Nebraska

10/31: @ Penn State

11/7: Rutgers

11/14: @ Maryland

11/21: Indiana

11/28: @ Illinois

12/5: @ Michigan State

12/12: Michigan

12/19: BIG10 Championship or Cross-Divisional Game

TBD: CFP Semifinal Game or Bowl Game

Note: If a game is canceled, the prize amount will be added to the following week's game.

**Disclaimer** BWLA Board reserves the right to have additional "Squares" if participation warrants it. Payouts based on a full square (100) sell out. 

Thanks for joining us, and good luck!

by posted 10/11/2020
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